The New Year (2019) news of the Scorpion

2019.01.05 14:05
The New Year (2019) news of the Scorpion

Dear Colleagues,

The 2019th year has arrived, and the Scorpion's team would like to share with you the results of the past year.

1) The number of tournaments conducted by the Scorpion has exceeded 3000. Bjarne Axelsen, who returned to the post of the ITHF president, recruited Scorpion to the Danish tournaments, became an active participant of the system. Among the new Russian regions actively using the Scorpion are the Vladimir and Ivanovo Regions, the Primorsky and Perm Territories;

2) Scorpion has begun to count the estimated points to the world ranking that any player will receive at the end of any tournament. Now you don’t have to wait the update of the world rating or to do your own calculations - Scorpion shows all the necessary information already at the stage of registration of participants, as well as in the final position;

3) A database of cities and countries is integrated into the system. The work, which was carried out for a long time, allowed to get rid of the numerous writing of countries (Russia, Russian Federation, etc) or cities (St. Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, SPb, etc), which allows any user to generate automatically both national and city ratings - /;

4) The club ratings is calculated automatically now. This one allows you to quickly assess the level of the team competitions and instantly conduct the seeding of participants into the groups. There is also another useful feature - in the profile of each player you have the opportunity to see all the tournaments that he played;

5) The first advertising campaign was conducted in Scorpion - the Saint-Petersburg Open advertising banner was placed on all its pages. Perhaps because of this factor the record number of participants in its history (138) took part in the tournament;

6) There is a new opportunity to display the ranks (juniors, women, veterans, super-veterans, etc.) in the tournaments. Due to this, the organizers are able to much faster sum up the results of tournaments by ranks and to hold the awards and the participants - to monitor the competition within their ranks;

7) The organizers got the opportunity to put an additional information to the description of the tournaments  - a Google-map with the venue for the tournaments, start time, phone numbers, E-mail of the organizers, other data.

The Scorpion team wishes everyone that our sport will flourish and go forward by leaps and bounds in the New Year!

Information: "Scorpion" system was created in 2010 for the convenience of arranging table hockey tournaments. The system is constantly being improved, the plan of its development is constructed for several years ahead. A lot of different tournaments are being held in "Scorpion" every month: from the world championships and the World tour stages to the local tournaments. The "Scorpion" is used in such countries as Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Estonia and others. 

Scorpion's development team

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Author: Scorpion's development team