Jærligaen 13/14 #13

Tournament type Individual
Status Finished
Country Norway
City Kvernaland
Date of the tournament 04.11.2014
Date of the end of the tournament 04.11.2014
Participants 11
  Name Status Duration Date and time  
1 SUPERTIRSDAG Finished 2 Participants | Schedule and results | Tables

Text versionFinal standings
Name Country City
1 Vegard Klippen Norway
2 Øystein Klippen Norway Kvernaland
3 Amund Risa Fylling Norway Kvernaland
4 Arne Hetlelid Norway Sola
5 Magnus Klippen Norway Kvernaland
6 Gustav Brådland Norway
7 Torbjørn Kverneland Norway Kverneland
8 Andreas Fjermestad Norway Kvernaland
9 Eide Andreas
10 Jonas Aas Norway Kvernaland
11 Morten Mikal Brekken Norway Kvernaland