Jærligaen #23

Tournament type Individual
Status Finished
Country Norway
City Kvernaland
Date of the tournament 08.04.2014
Date of the end of the tournament 09.04.2014
Participants 18
  Name Status Duration Date and time  
1 Grunnspill Finished 1 Participants | Schedule and results | Tables

Text versionFinal standings
Name Country City
1 Stian Lode Norway Kvernaland
2 Frode Hagerup Norway Kvernaland
3 Vegard Klippen Norway Kvernaland
4 Bjørn Røken Norway Bryne
5 Øystein Klippen Norway Kvernaland
6 Torbjørn Kverneland Norway Kverneland
7 Magnus Klippen Norway Kvernaland
8 Amund Risa Fylling Norway Kvernaland
9 Henrik Skjæveland Norway Norway
10 Morten Mikal Brekken Norway Kvernaland
11 Stokdal Snorre
12 Andreas Fjermestad Norway Kvernaland
13 Ravndal Espen
14 Sigrid Kverneland Norway
15 Tobias Hillesvik Norway Kvernaland
16 Eide Andreas
17 Thomas Fjermestad Norway
18 Erga Andres