Norwegian Championships 2017 League Cup

Tournament type Individual
Status Finished
Country Norway
City Bergen
Date of the tournament 31.03.2017
Date of the end of the tournament 02.04.2017
Participants 13
  Name Status Duration Date and time  
1 Sluttspel Finished 3 Participants | Schedule and results | Сетки

Text versionFinal standings
Name Country City
1 Magnus Klippen Norway Kvernaland
2 Espen Eidsnes Norway Bergen
3 Øystein Klippen Norway Kristiansand
4 Trond Ove Gangsøy Norway Bergen
5 Arne Johannes Holmin Norway Bergen
6 Amund Risa Fylling Norway Kvernaland
7 Andreas Fjermestad Norway Kvernaland
8 Gustav Brådland Norway Trondheim
9 Henning Tvedten Norway Bergen
10 Rikard Oddane Norway Kvernaland
11 Sondre Efteland Johansen Norway Kvernaland
12 Bjørn Austerå Norway Kvernaland
13 Arne Hetlelid Norway Sola