Scorpion Grand Prix 2022 / 2023 and World Cup 2023 Regulations


Scorpion table hockey

Grand Prix 2022/2023 and World Cup 2023

(last updated 10.12.2022) 

I. Scorpion Grand Prix 2022/2023

1. Scorpion Grand Prix 2022/2023 (SGP-2022/2023) - an international series of table hockey tournaments held in the Scorpion system, created to identify the best players in the individual category;

SGP-2022/2023 consists of a series of tournaments held in different countries;

Applications for addition to SGP-2022/2023 are accepted until 1st of Dec, 2022, and are approved by the administration of the Scorpion system and the organizing committee of the competitions.

The following SGP tournaments are approved:

4.1. Belarus Open (Minsk, 29.10.2022)

4.2. Saint-Petersburg Open (St. Petersburg, 11.12.2022)

4.3. Karjala Open (Petrozavodsk, 29.01.2023)

4.4. Sigma Nayriz Kazakhstan (Shymkent, 25.03.2023)

4.5. Siberia Open (Novokuznetsk, 01.04.2023)

Stages (tournaments) of SGP-2022/2023 are divided into two categories - the first and the second. In which category the tournament belongs to is determined by the fact of its holding. The tournament is assigned as the first SGP category (and the second level in the Scorpion World Ranking) if one of the following three conditions is happening:

5.1. 10 or more players from Top-100 Scorpion World Ranking (SWR) took part in the tournament;

5.2. 5 or more players from Top-20 SWR took part in the tournament;

5.3. 3 or more players from Top-10 SWR took part in the tournament.

In other cases, the tournament is assigned as the second category at the SGP ranking and the third level in the SWR;

SGP-2022/2023 has its own separate ranking. Each participant who has played at any stage of the SGP, in addition to points in SWR, receives points in the SGP-2022/2023 ranking based on the following table:

Category 1,

Category 2, points


500 400
Proportional points decrease depending on number of participants

Proportional points decrease depending on number of participants


1 1


7. The best 3 results on the SGP tournaments are counting into the overall standings of SGP-2022/2023 ranking;

The winner of the SGP-2022/2023 overall ranking is the player who got the most points in the SGP-2022/2023 ranking among all participants (best 3 results counted);

9. Cancellation of any number of SGP-2022/2023 stages cannot be a reason for non-recognition of the overall standings, if at least one stage has been played;

10. In case that two or more players got the same number of points in SGP-2022/2023 overall standings, the next criteria are counting to define the higher position in ranking

10.1. The most number of points that players got at 1 tournament;

10.2. More stages played at SGP-2022/2023 (in case of equality in p. 10.1);

10.3. The best position in the Scorpion World Ranking at the day of drawing results (in case of equality in p. 10.1 and 10.2);

11. The overall standings winner of SGP-2022/2023 is awarded with a trophy;

12. The tournament playing system for each SGP-2022/2023 stage are determined by its organizers;

13. The tournament fee that each player pays for participation in any stage of SGP-2022/2023 is determined by the organizers of each stage and must be known no later than one month before the tournament;

14. Any discrimination based on nationality or any other criteria is strictly prohibited. In case of any discrimation commited, the Grand Prix status is removed from the tournament.;

II. Scorpion World Cup 2023

Scorpion World Cup 2023 (SWC-2023) - the final tournament of the season 2022/2023, which is held in order to identify the best player at the end of the season;

2. Venue and date: St. Petersburg, 10-11 of June, 2023. Tournament level in Scorpion World Ranking: 1;

3. Participants of SWC-2023 are:

3.1. Top 10 players of Scorpion World Ranking (for the first Tuesday after the last stage of Scorpion Grand Prix 2022/2023);

3.2. Top 20 players according to the overall standings of SGP-2022/2023 ranking;

3.3. Players who received a Wild Card from the organizers. Any player from any country can apply for a Wild Card to participate in SWC-2023. The maximum Wild Card quota is two (2) players from each country;

4. If one player has qualified to SWC-2023 at the same time according to Scorpion World Ranking (p.3.1) and SGP-2022/2023 (p.3.2), then additional place is given to the participants who showed the best result in the SGP-2022 overall standings starting from 21st place etc;

5. The list of players who has qualified SWC-2023 according points 3.1 and 3.2 is published in the Scorpion system no later than the next Tuesday after the last stage of SGP-2022/2023;

6. Applications for participation in SWC-2023 from players who has qualified or applying for a Wild card are accepted within the deadlines that will be published until 31st of Dec, 2022;

7. The player who has qualified to SWC-2023 can not transfer his place to another player (with just an exception at p.4);

8. SWC-2023 playing system is a group stage and play-off. At all stages, only best of 7 are playing (including group stages;

9. As part of SWC-2023 event, some additional tournaments are expected to be held. Possible options: junior, women's, veteran, teams, open category for players not qualified to the main tournament etc. The exact number of additional tournaments and their rules will be determined by the SWC-2023 organizers. 

Administration of Scorpion

Organizing Committee of SGP-2022/2023 and SWC-2023