Tallinn Double Cup 2024

On Friday evening, April 5th, you can play in a quick mini-tournament, which will be held according to the new double-cup system - two by two. An interesting game without a timer up to 10 goals of one team.

One team must consist of two players and cannot have more than 7000 ITHF rating points in total.
NB! Rating restrictions do not apply if the pair of people represents the same family (father/son or daughter; brother/ brother or sister; and others)!

Participation FEE - 10 euros for team. The 3 prize-winners of this tournament will receive medals and T-shirts from the organizers.

Registration for tournament: lauahoki@gmail.com


1. Start
1. One match takes place on two Stiga games - 2 on 2. The players of one team stand on one side (the figures of the Swedes), the opponents stand on the other side (the figures of the Finns).
1.1. One match lasts up to 10 goals of one of the teams without a jingle and a timer.
1.2. The match begins after the command of a neutral player or referee "ready - go!"

2. Goals
2.1. A goal counts if the puck remains in the goal.
2.2. The player who scored the puck must say "stop" and the game immediately stops on two fields.
2.3. After the stop command, the puck must not be touched. If one of the players accidentally touches it, it must be returned to its place.
2.4. Counting of all goals is kept on only one scoreboard. The score on the scoreboard is changed by the player who scored the puck himself.
2.5. If two players on either team score the puck at the same time, both goals count.

3. Continuation of the game after a goal
3.1. The player who scores the puck and says “stop” after the goal changes places with his partner. Players of the opposing team continue to play in their places. If both teams score goals at the same time, both teams change. If the players of the same team scored two goals at the same time, then they do not change places.
3.2. On the field where the puck was scored, the game resumes with a throw-in by the player who conceded the goal.
3.3. On a field where there was no goal, but play was stopped, play is resumed after the question "ready?" and the opponent's answer "yes, ready". In this case, the 3 second rule does not apply. If the attacking player is ready to attack, then after the opponent's word "ready" is allowed to attack.
3.4. If the opponent does not say the word "ready" before the restart of the game, then it is not allowed to attack and the goal does not count.

4. Stopping of the game

4.1. If a player or field breaks down on one field, then the “stop or block” command follows. After that the game stops at two fields. The game resumes after the breakdown is fixed with the words of the opponents "ready".

5. Overtime

If with a score of 9:9 the players of both teams at the same time scored goals, then both goals are counted and the score becomes 10:10. After that, only those players who conceded the last goals remain behind the field and play with each other up to one goal.
Turneringstyp Lag
Status Avslutad
Уровень турнира
Региональный множитель SWR 0.6
Land Estteeana
Stad Tallinn
Adress Toompuestee 27
E-mail lauahoki@gmail.com
Anmälan startar 30.12.2023 00:00
Anmälan avslutas 31.03.2023 23:50
Turneringen startar 05.04.2024
Время начала 18:30
Turneringen avslutas 05.04.2024
Участников 6
  Namn Status Längd Дата и время  
2 Group Avslutad 1 05.04.2024 00:00 Deltagare | Spelschema och resultat | Tabeller
3 play off Avslutad 1 05.04.2024 00:00 Deltagare | Spelschema och resultat | Сетки

Namn Land Stad
1 Miglinieks Silins Lettland Riga
2 Matantsev Storozhenko Ukraina
3 Saveljeva Andrijashkin Estteeana Tallinn
4 Mihhaljov Landa Estteeana Tallinn
5 Lebl Madera Čhekkia Prag
6 Zenisek Plesak Čhekkia Plzeň